CCI is a founding partner in Fullscope  – a consortium of organisations working to improve children and young people’s mental health and well-being across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Fullscope members are: Arts and Minds, Ormiston Families, Blue Smile, Centre 33, CPSL Mind, the Kite Trust and YMCA Trinity, as well as CCI. 

The consortium is driven by the recognition that the current system is more focused on illness and disease than wellness and resilience and that the opportunity to prevent mental illness before it escalates is being missed. It acknowledges that demand for treatment is rising and that services are under pressure, but that voluntary and statutory services are competing for funds, which stops them cooperating. It believes that young people’s voices are often excluded from discussion and the design of services intended to support them. Fullscope’s goal is to work together to address these issues and to effect a more accessible, relevant and equitable system. 

  • For many children and young people the current mental health system is over medicalised and overstretched. Fullscope is focusing on how we can prevent mental health issues as well as support much earlier. CCI’s work is fundamental to this. With their wealth of knowledge, we can provide opportunities for all children to flourish and design new programmes that bring this thinking to many more people across our county and beyond.

    Eva Acs, Director, Fullscope Consortium

CCI brings 20 years of experience of working in schools and communities to the group, offering rich knowledge of how and where children can flourish. Working in partnership with other leading organisations in the field,  we now have the opportunity to ensure that the importance of arts, nature and creativity is visible in discussions about mental health and well-being. 

Fullscope is a key partner in artscaping research and advocacy and supported our recent programme to learn ways to scale the impact of the work by training community volunteers and teaching assistants. Our Creative Care programme was developed in partnership with Fullscope and other consortium partners.