Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination is an arts and well-being charity working with artists to build creatively healthy communities. We enable people of all ages to discover their own powers of imagination and curiosity and enjoy living, learning and working alongside each other.  

Every one of its projects makes me see things strangely again, tips a little more wonder back into the world.
Robert Macfarlane, CCI Patron

Our current events and most recent projects can be discovered below. You can also support this valuable work by making a donation towards our charitable activities. All gifts large and small can really make a difference. Don’t forget our shop selling CCI publications and prints - this provides an important source of income for our work.

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Exploring with colour

I was a cloud...I was a bird - artist Hilary Cox Condron describes how the children explore their local nature reserve.

Art, Nature and Well-being

CCI supports new module for University of Cambridge Faculty of Education Transforming Practice Masters Programme.

What is nature for?

Artist Caroline Wendling shares news of her first days of eco-capabilities research.

Drawing into Nature

Our eco-capabilities projects begin. Sally Todd shares highlights of the first two days of creative adventuring.

Spaces for Imagination and Curiosity

New special edition of Journal for the National Association of Environmental Education, edited by CCI’s Ruth Sapsed.

Creative Care in 2021

‘I felt I could be my own person and do what I wanted.'

A Call for Spaces of Liberated Learning

A new CCI resource to prompt debate and discussion.

Outside the Box

Three playful creative invitations designed by young artists from The Kite Trust, Cambridgeshire’s leading LGBT+ charity.