A Hidden World

william seale

Immerse yourself in the hidden sounds of the natural world recorded in King’s College and across our City in this specially created soundscape. The piece draws from the extraordinary collection of nature recordings by wildlife sound recordist William Seale, a Cambridge resident who has been listening to the natural world on his doorstep for over 45 years. Listen-in to an extraordinary world: from a burying beetle to the drumming of wasps, a Helvella fungus to peacock butterfly and many more. Each sound magical and mesmerising and now layered here to offer an extraordinary new sound experience. Created by sonic artist Jake Ziegler for the Imaginarium Takeover.

Follow along with the sounds descriptions as you listen here.

William Searle
William Searle

Most of the sounds we are familiar with are sounds coming through the air. We hear these with our ears but there are many sounds going on that we don’t usually think about. I’m fascinated by these. I never alter the structure of them.

There are soundscapes within solid objects too, which are recorded by contact microphones. These are a bit like a medical stethoscope. 

William Seale

These sounds are often explored alongside our Fantastical Forest. The piece was commissioned as part of our work with the River Cam Climate Action Fund project.

Listening to the Soundscape