• An Introduction to Artscaping Webinar
    Introducing Artscaping (2023)

    Hear about the work of Artscapers from many perspectives: children, artists, teachers, headteachers, researchers and colleagues. Shared here are two webinars; 'What is Artscaping?’ was created with support from Public Health to support schools to find out more, the other was recorded on World Mental Health Day 2023 with colleagues from across the programme for the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education.

  • Let’s ‘brambleforest’ together
    Let’s ‘brambleforest’ together (2022)

    Reflections from teachers and artists working together at Shirley Primary School; a Talking Eco-capabilities webinar.

    Chaired by Nicola Walshe (UCL) with John Cattermole (Headteacher) Emily Irvine (Year 4 teacher) , Ruth Sapsed (CCI), Sally Todd (CCI), Anna Ullmann (year 4 teacher) and Libby Walmsley (art lead).

  • Lost Words and Found Connections (2020)

    Adventures into language and literacy through nature; a Talking Eco-capabilities webinar.

    With Nicola Walshe (ARU), Pippa Joyce and Jake Holt (Mayfield Primary School), Dana Harrison (Under Fives Roundabout Nursery), Filipa Pereira-Stubbs (CCI), and Ruth Sapsed (CCI).

  • Artscapers: Children as Place Makers (2021)

    Panel discussion about the work of Artscapers including colleagues from similar programmes in Bath and Berlin; Cambridge Festival.

    Chaired by Esther Sayers (Goldsmiths, University of London) with Paula Ayliffe (Mayfield Primary School), Andrew Amundson (Forest of Imagination artist), Penny Hay (Bath Spa University), and Daniel Zeichner (MP for Cambridge).

  • Introducing Artscaping (2021)

    Creative adventuring for children’s wellbeing; Cambridge Festival.

    With Jake Holt (Mayfield Primary), Filipa Pereira Stubbs (CCI) , Ruth Sapsed (CCI) and Nicola Walshe (UCL).