Taking Note - poetry in moments

I wish I were well and strong, so that I could give these poems the concentrated attention that they are serious enough to deserve. But I suppose the whole point about being unwell is that one is not in one's best form as a critic. Nevertheless I can tell that these poems are serious, and they've certainly got a serious subject. The subject is life, and how it might be lost; and how it might be saved. There is brave and tender hope here; but, even deeper down, the thrill of being human.
Clive James

In 2017 we invited four poets to spend time at the hospital alongside the Taking Note project responding to the spaces there and the themes of the project - this was Poetry in moments. Jo Shapcott (winner of the Queen’s Gold Medal, 2011, and the Costa Book Award, 2010) and Cambridge based poets Kaddy Benyon, Eve Lacey and Rebecca Watts spent the autumn engaging with patients, visitors and staff.  Two of the poems are now permanently installed as part of the art walk in the hospital.

Taking Note - poetry in moments