Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination is an arts and well-being charity working with artists to build creatively healthy communities. We enable people of all ages to discover their own powers of imagination and curiosity and enjoy living, learning and working alongside each other.  

Every one of its projects makes me see things strangely again, tips a little more wonder back into the world.
Robert Macfarlane, CCI Patron

Our current events and most recent projects can be discovered below. You can also support this valuable work by making a donation towards our charitable activities. All gifts large and small can really make a difference. Don’t forget our shop selling CCI publications and prints - this provides an important source of income for our work.

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Review of CCI’s year 2020-21

Highlights from our last year working with partners across the region.

We are nature…everything is nature

Celebrating two new fantastical maps co-created with children.

A Call for Being Together Differently

Sharing a new ‘artput’

Piece of Mind

Three new invitations to create designed by members of Cambs Youth Panel for their new resource.

Marshmallows, diamond trees, Rick Astley and tears

Reflecting on the final Artscaping session with Thongsley Primary School

Proud Children/Proud Parents

A final celebration day with Howard Community Academy

The Colours of Shirley fields

Celebrating creative adventuring with Shirley Community Primary School

Eco-heroes and Time Travellers

Work in Huntingdon with the Empathic Communities Project continues.