Cambridge’s Ginkgo Trees

Vanessa Neville, Herbalist

I chose one of the Ginkgo biloba trees on Christ’s Pieces in central Cambridge on a sunny, windy Autumn day.

I am a working Herbalist. I work with plants and people, and trees are a big part of our medicine.

I love the connection of Ginkgo to age and wisdom, it’s a beautiful tree: majestic. And there are many around Cambridge in our parks and streets. I work with Ginkgo to support the circulatory system. It is not for everyone and it needs to be taken with care and attention, preferably with the support of a Herbalist, as it interacts with some medicines.

For many different reasons our trees give us narrative; we climb them, we shield from hot sun, we drink them, we forage from them, we befriend them...

Vanessa Neville, Herbalist

By Vanessa Neville; Herbalist

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