The bridge between Heaven and Earth

The bridge between Heaven and Earth

I am standing in the Islamic garden of the Cambridge Central Mosque, which is a sanctuary situated in the middle of the Mosque.  

My favourite trees are the ‘glulam’ (glued laminated) trees at the Mosque. Each tree comprises 8 beams constructed from spruce. These 8-beamed trunks fan out at the top into a stunning gothic Islamic design and flowing geometric design that extends across the ceiling. The vertical trunks represent the bridge between Heaven and Earth.  

The Mosque has 30 trees and when one enters the building, it feels as if one is walking through a magnificent forest with a sense of calm and serenity.  

I support the principles of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. Trees are fundamental to our wellbeing and that of our planet. They combat climate change, sustain wildlife, and improve our mental wellbeing, providing an oasis of calm in a fast-paced world. Above all, trees are beautiful and are the mainstay of many stunning countryside scenes. I love trees and they are special to me because they mark the seasons in a myriad of colours. Every tree tells a story and every tree has a meaning or memory for someone.

By Shahida Rahman, Trustee, Cambridge Central Mosque

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