Just like a tree, each one of us has a body which tells a story

Just like a tree, each one of us has a body which tells a story

Satyam will seek to support the Principles of the Tree Charter through nurturing wellbeing in the community by celebrating and nourishing the rich inner landscape of each human being through offering a space to move, stretch, breathe, meditate, rest, and connect.

Just like a tree, each one of us has a body which tells a story. We support people to explore movement patterns and habits, their relationship to their breath, their flexibilities and physical restrictions, their scars, their self-talk, their strengths, their unique beauty, and to develop new and healthier ways of relating to themselves and others.

Satyam is a community space where all are truly welcome. At Satyam’s heart is the mission to increase health on all levels and to reduce social isolation.

In connecting with our inner ecology, we strengthen our capacity to know ourselves and cultivate a deeper awareness. Yoga strengthens our roots and supports us to ‘be in the world’ with presence. We are reminded that us humans are all connected – through the stories of our ancestors, through the air that we all breathe, and through our natural environment: the landscapes, the weather and of course the beautiful trees, which have been rooted in this earth long before our own stories started to be told.

By Satyam Yoga & wellbeing Centre, Hawthorn Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

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