Ditton Meadows – a lifesaver

Ditton Meadows

I chose this tree which is on the Ditton Meadows. Since the first lockdown started, I've been walking in the Meadows much more than before, and this tree is a prominent part of the silhouette that I see every time I go there. Over the months, I've taken several photos with it in the background. Ditton Meadows has been a lifesaver for me during the Covid pandemic.

I have a hope for a Tiny Forest for Abbey, as a part of the Earthwatch program. They support communities in planting tiny forests which provide maximised biodiversity that gives an increased growth rate and CO2 absorption - and lovely green places for relaxation. I really like the Earthwatch program because it is science-based and because it considers both environmental and community aspects. They help organise various events to keep the community engaged. If anyone would like to get involved - from sponsorship to forest design - I would love to hear from you!

Ditton Meadows

By Nana Aaltonen, Abbey Resident

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