Ramez, Surgeon

Image of R the Neurosurgeons hands

Yesterday I saw how a student nurse helped a patient by going to sit with her in recovery. The patient was quite a young girl with a very complex condition and yet most of her worries had been about how much hair we might need to remove. The operation went very well, though it took some time. The student nurse - she is going to nursing school soon – decided to go to the patient in recovery and take the time to reassure her. She sat with her and told her that we’d not taken much hair and that her eye was back to normal. Nothing we had done helped the patient as much as she did by doing that. She’s not a recovery nurse – her role was to help with instruments etc - but she went out to recovery to do this. I will not forget that.

I like my job. Neurosurgery has everything – it has surgical and scientific parts but also the human part. For me, I also feel happy when I think about the trainees I’ve worked with; most of them by now are consultants, some are working here. They are very very good - better than me. We have 3 operating rooms in neurosurgery away from the other operating theatres. We operate at same time and when we are stuck with something we can call to each other to come and help and hear another opinion.
R, Surgeon