Debbie, nurse


Debbie, nurse with a patient

I suppose for me personally, dancing make me happy; it's my happy place. It’s where, no matter whatever else is happening in the world - put that music on, start moving those feet and that’s my space, my time. And by bringing that into the hospital... There was one moment when we were working with a gentleman who had very little movement at all, and he could flicker his eyelids and he could do a thumbs up sign, and that was about all. And we brought him in and as we were moving, as we were playing the music, and it was just this smile, that came over his face, and his eyes lit up, and it was just the most amazing moment. Just to see how happy he was even though his whole life had changed for him. In that time, with that music on, having that contact with other humans, other people, in a relaxing environment, just made him smile. And I think that smile was worth everything.
Debbie, nurse


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