A to Z for Trumpington


An exploration of the role art can play for the Trumpington community

A to Z - pages B and J

CCI was commissioned by Future City on behalf of Countryside Properties in 2010 to develop this unique resource. Drawing together the ideas, images and stories explored in workshops with children, families, older residents and young people in the community, it celebrates the creative potential of this community and is used as invaluable reference material by artists and other organisations engaging with the community.

Available to read for free online or purchase direct from Blurb using link below:

The book is dedicated to our friend and colleague Ben Koralek (1967 - 2006), a Trumpington resident and creative thinker.

With thanks to: Crossways Gardens Residential Home, Fawcett Primary School, Trumpington History Group, Cambridge Children and Young People's Participation Service, Trumpington Resident's Association.

Commissioned by Future City on behalf of Countryside Properities Ltd

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