We want to share our work as widely and creatively as possible. Continuing professional development options can be explored here. We also offer a range of physical and online resources - all of which are shared below. These can all be read or watched online for free. Our games and publications, which have been widely reviewed and praised for their quality and design, are also available in print and  can be purchased via the CCI Shop.

This jewel of a booklet gives a wonderful insight into children's worlds. It shows vividly how deeply meaningful learning outside of the classroom can be; it demonstrates that there is no substitute for direct experience in fostering creative and imaginative responses.  

Outside/Inside is a beautifully produced little book that, being less than 40 pages, punches well above its weight. It offers a truly inspirational insight into the learning process in a most poetic way, with the children concerned providing the poetry.
Richard Hickman, Reader in Art Education & Dean of Homerton College, University of Cambridge

Links to all our published research can be explored here.

Further information about our playful toolkit developed with families for use in contemporary art galleries can be found here.


Fingers pointing at a map

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.
Abraham Maslow (psychologist, 1908 - 1970)

Play is a key element in CCI’s work. We offer playful invitations and provocations as part of our workshops and projects but we also learn alongside children as they play, acknowledging their brilliant expertise in leading play themselves.

This series of ‘wild exchange games’ has been devised by artist Deb Wilenski as she adventured alongside young children in our Fantastical Cambridgeshire programme. Described as ‘for anyone to play anywhere’, the games offer a brilliant resource for others interested in play, finding ways to adventure together creatively and fantastical mapping, whether as a family, a school or a community.

Really fun and if people in every year group do it, this school would be super super creative.
Charlie, 9

My class have absolutely loved the ‘Fantastical Worlds’ game. We imagined the classroom from a new perspective - borrowers, small creatures, flying unicorns, fish, small pets etc. I told them about the principle of really slowing down and taking time to observe their environment in a completely new way. 
Becky, teacher

This exercise helps you see the world from a creature's perspective – calm yourself and see the world with new eyes.
Kalina, 9

Each pack includes four games that together offer at least twenty different prompts for how to start your own creative adventures. Each sheet can be copied freely so that games can be played in groups or classes easily.

The games are contained in their own folder and full instructions are included. Read more about their creation here.

Available from the CCI shop or as part of a Fantastical Mapping school day (enquiries to


CCI's publications list includes: a poety collection, a number of booklets and a Fantastical Guide. These are written or curated by CCI artists and, as part of our wider programme of wild exchanges, often include responses from other writers; poet Jackie Kay has created new work alongside children in A poem of a dream of the woodstravel writer and explorer Robert Macfarlane wrote the foreword to Ways into Hingchingbrooke Country Park and writer and researcher Mary Jane Drummond contriubted the introduction for Outside/Inside.

A to Z for Trumpington

Igniting a Fuse Cover

Taking Note Poetry in Moments Cover

The 2012 evaluation of our Footprints projects with Cambridgeshire County Council Early Years Team is here.

Listening to fact and fiction and The poet, the children and the fantastical map are short articles originally published in Early Years Education Magazine about our work in Spinney Wild Woods - Words are powerful and playful.  We use words to tell the truth and we use words to make things up; we often do both at the same time, and if we are allowed to, we begin early in life.   I believe it’s part of our job as educators, to make time and opportunity not only for this to happen, but to listen carefully when it does, and to learn from our listening. Deb Wilenski


Fantastical maps co-created with communities in our Fantastical Cambridgeshire project. These are available as fine art prints from the CCI shop.

Fantastical Map of Eynesbury FINAL WEB

Love's Farm Fantastical Map


Follow links for a shortened version of an article on adventuring and emotional exploration in Early Years Educator and a post on Fantastical worlds in the woods in the National Trust's blog Outdoor Nation.  Recent evidence from research by Dr Nicola Walshe (Anglia Ruskin University) and  Dr Elsa Lee (University of Cambridge) suggesting important outcomes for mental wellbeing from CCI work was presented in the form of this poster Supporting children’s well-being with art in nature: artist pedagogue perceptions at the European Educational Research Association Annual Conference in Copenhagen in August 2017. The evidence was also logged as part of the data collection for the House of Commons Debate: Effect of the arts on health in October 2017.


These short films illustrate different aspects of recent Footprints projects - the search for adventure by nursery children near Peterborough (Running into adventure), storying with reception children in a Cambridge Nature Reserve (Here I come to the jungle), being lead by reception children into their local woods in south Cambridge (Discovering the Spinney Wild Woods) and sharing a week of journeying together as families in this same wood (A Week in the Wild Woods).

These two short films from CCI’s ArtScaper programme illustrate how even very young children can playfully explore and discover complicated ideas.


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