'Here I come to the jungle'


Shirley Primary School's reception class explore storying in Bramblefields Nature Reserve, Cambridge

This continuous celebration and encouragement of stories has encouraged reluctant writers to engage.  It may be the informal chance to write what they want how they want, the wish to hang their story books on the story line or to hear their stories during a circle time.  It may be that they want an adult to scribe or the fact that they can take a home-made book to a quiet place in the woods, or lie on the rug in the centre of the woods, but what ever it is this combination of experiences and opportunities has encouraged the class to become authors and story tellers.  Reluctant writers have been picking up pencils and mark making or phonetically writing single words or sentences.  This is one of the major successes of the project; story writing.
Jane Taylor (Teacher, Shirley Primary)

This short film introduces how the children from Shirley Primary School became authors as they explored Bramblefields, their local nature reserve,  and how their educators made space for these stories back in the classroom.

A Story of Smallness and Light documents some of these children's particular fascinations as they discovered this reserve.
37 Shadows - Listening to children's stories from the woods offers a collection of stories by three and four year olds as they adventured in their local woods.