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This is the hardest I’ve seen any school try so far…. It’s actually an activity that might make someone feel a little better….it’s actually cute that the school cares…all I get is detention…I like the effort and a lot stuff was good…where’s ours?...honestly it’s a good box…A+ for effort…I wish my school did that…Ooh I wish I had this. Feedback via TikTok from students reviewing the Piece of Mind Box

Here are the three invitations created by members of the Cambs Youth Panel to support young people’s mental well-being. They were designed in Spring 2021 by Hannah, Ollie, Mimie and Ayra, supported by CCI artists Hilary Cox Condron and Sally Todd. The invitations can be downloaded here or viewed online below. This short film introduces their ideas:

The Piece of Mind Boxes have been tested by students at Cambourne, Ely and Linton Village Colleges and we are grateful for their enthusiasm and support. This pilot has been funded by The Evelyn Trust.

One small thing you do for a person can change their lives a lot. It made me feel important that other young people are doing things like this to improve things. (Y, aged 12)

I think this really helped to develop my ability to talk and present to new people, this is something that I do not normally do and I don’t particularly enjoy doing, but within this project I had many opportunities to do so and I think this has helped to develop my presentation skills, making me more confident in presenting to new people. I found having something to concentrate on other than just online school really boosted my mental health.  (H, aged 17, co-creator of resource)

This really is a virtuous circle that helps everyone who is involved in it. (Phil Priestley, founder Cambs Youth Panel)

Piece of Mind is part of Creative Care, for more information and resources click here.

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