A family of four living in Cambridge

Jo Holland

We are a family of four living in Cambridge. We love trees! The Charter feels really important right now. It is critical and urgent that we look after them and our world.

The beautiful banner is in our wonderful Snake Bark Maple (Acer capillipes). It transforms our garden with exquisite colours, different in every season. The other is our ancient apple tree - here long before the houses were even built, in an old orchard on the edge of Cambridge City.

These trees give us such joy, as well as apple pie and apple snow! They also support a huge amount of wildlife in our garden - all year round, from squirrels to collared doves, blue tits, hedgehogs, and even a fox.

I work for an organisation which seeks to secure a sustainable future for biodiversity and society. You can find out more here: https://www.cambridgeconservation.org/

Thank you, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, for this wonderful celebration of trees.

Jo Holland

By The Holland Family

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