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I have not been before and we would have left a long time ago (probably 1.5 mins after we arrived) if this hadn't been on offer…

The children tried and retried and changed the process and had a great sense of achievement and they carried that enthusiasm right back to the classroom so when we embarked on the poetry it wasn’t like ‘ohh poetry’ it was like’ ah, I know what I’m going to write’ so the impact was immediate . To think we had 60 children in there, possibly 6 or 7 with major emotional and behaviour problems and we only had one minor incident across all the days – even the most disaffected children were in there, hands on, completing tasks, working on a task all because of it - so the impact is boundless

Primary Teacher, Creative Partnerships programme, 2008

I feel as though I can achieve what I want to do.

12 year old, Parkside Community College Sculpture Project, 2010

I will remember that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make something amazing from nothing.

Family taking part AmeyCespa Recyling Open Day, 2011

Our amazing sculptures show all our hard work. Now we are very tired but we have made a great difference to the school.

12 year old, Parkside Community College Sculpture Project, 2010

This was not the usual approach, not historical. It was lively, more fun and there was more stuff to do. You could do stuff. Having objects made it different. They created more interactions with the art and encouraged dialogue. It helped you communicate with the work and the artists. Normally you stand and look so feel separate and distant but this was like a bridging thing that helps you cross that line.

Mother, Children take the lead research with Kettle's Yard Gallery, 2012

It’s made me tune in more to the children and who they are and how they like to learn.

Educator, Creativity as Practice, 2010

I think it’s like a fuse being ignited really because once you start with it, everything you do you think about in a different way.

Educator, Creativity as Practice, 2010

It makes you rethink everything and kind of question are you really doing it in the best way you can.

Educator, Creativity as Practice, 2010

What I’ve gained now I’ve seen it actually work is I would be encouraged to actually give them a problem and say ‘’ there you go, work as a group and see what you come up with – I’m not going to talk so much about end products – I’ve already tried it last week – I left the resources for them to find – they loved the freedom – it was much more open ended.

Primary Teacher, Creative Partnerships programme, 2008

The knowledge, experience and inspiration CCI has been able to share has been exceptional.

Education Manager, AmeyCespa Waste Management

The Education department at Kettle's Yard has worked closely with Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination for many years and has benefited hugely from the quality of their thinking, working and engagement with families.

Education Manager, Kettle’s Yard Gallery

We used the dice to explore and talk about every painting and in the process talked in detail. My daughter wanted to go round all of them and repeat it. It was such a strong tool. We shared really complex conversations.

Father, Children take the Lead at Kettle's Yard Gallery, 2012

CCI practitioners seem to have a unique way of exposing people to artistic process, using carefully structured creative enquiry to share their contemporary artistic practice in the most democratic of ways.

Joanna Holland, independent evaluator, Children take the lead, 2012

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