Colour, beauty, and a very welcome respite from the wider world

Colour, beauty, and a very welcome respite from the wider world

A riot of colour, shape, and size can be found in the grounds of Churchill College; Liquidambar, Raywood ash, crab apples, London plane, silver birch, Acers, beeches, dawn redwood, foxglove, handkerchief and tulip trees, there are even bananas in one of the courtyards, and a Quercus robur (oak) and a Morus nigra (black mulberry) planted by Sir Winston Churchill himself. The College has committed to reaching 1,000 trees in its grounds and are well on their way, having recently planted 90 trees along a wonderfully meandering new perimeter path.

I chose to hang the children’s artwork in the trees of the family accommodation at the back of the grounds. Generations of children have played under their leaves while their parents look on. Small babies, toddling infants, loping youth, and evergreen scholars have enjoyed these trees. Alongside the generations of buds, blossoms, and fresh green leaves that provide colour, beauty, and a very welcome respite from the wider world.  

By Emily Dowdeswell; PhD student at the Open University with special thanks to John Moore, Head of Grounds and Gardens, and his wonderful team at Churchill College

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