ArtScaper Resources

Being an ArtScaper means to look at something and make your own ideas. Then, just think of the idea you thought of before and mix it up so you can make something even bigger and newer. Then just design it.. then just find stuff that might be used in the future and use that to help you build it.
Jared, 8, Mayfield Primary School

ArtScapers was initially commissioned in 2015 by the University of Cambridge as part of their public art programme for the NW Development. It was designed by CCI and Esther Sayers from Goldsmiths University to support the formation of the collaborative and resilient new community envisaged for the new area in the City.

This innovative place-making programme creatively builds communities. Young children lead creative investigations about their local area alongside contemporary artists and in response to the cultural opportunities nearby. The programme places children at its heart and has developed innovative ways to reach out to and engage with the wider community including resources, events, exhibitions, family days and an interactive website that enables schools and families to engage directly with ArtScaper practices. Further resources to support creative exploring are at

To date the programme has worked directly with over 780 people linked to three primary schools in North West Cambridge. There has been over 3,700 hours of creative activities with a further 11,000 connecting with the work through our programme of events and exhibitions and 121,000 online through our website and social media pages.

An article by Dr Esther Sayers in the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (September 2018) explores the concepts of community engagement and active citizenship in more detail.