Re-Imagine projects are designed to enable communities to explore ideas, issues and spaces through playful exploration. They invite people of all ages to express their own ideas through creative consultation activities and enable us develop resources with our partners to enable further creative experiences. 

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The projects take place in many diverse and extraordinary spaces; including hospitals, hospices, our local waste management centre, community halls, retirement homes, and local neighbourhoods as well as galleries and museums and heritage sites. They often include professional development elements to explore and develop approaches for creative practice with particular professional groups. Our current projects have diaries that can be explored here.

Many of these projects set out to produce particular resources for our partners. Most recently we developed the PropsBox, a family friendly toolkit for navigating contemporary art galleries, but have also created temporary installations for galleries and creative documentation and displays to support ongoing engagement with ideas and audiences.

Evaluations indicate that the projects have a lasting impact on those we work with - Igniting a Fuse explores the impact on educators of our accredited course with the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education; Enemies of Boredom looks at the professional development programme linked to the Hundred Languages of Children Exhibition in Cambridge; and Can you stay and make tomorrow never come details artist led projects with Creative Partnerships schools.

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Animating the archives: an exhibition

Celebrating creative work from young children responding to the new hospital museum.

It’s very fascinating to me

Young carers respond to the Addenbrooke’s Museum.

Using clay to animate ideas

Shelford’s dementia support group join our Addenbrooke’s programme.

Celebrating children’s ideas

Work from creative projects with two classes of children now on display in Addenbooke’s Hospital.

Fantastical Cambridgeshire Community Days

Events for the whole family.


ArtScapers talk brilliantly about the concept of time in this short film.

Bob can talk to his friend through his hair!

Girton ArtScapers complete a miniature model town of new entities and communities.

We were swirling

Young Carers share moments of happiness for Taking Note.

Wolf carpet and a boxing ring

Re-imagining our rooms and creating new spaces with Girton ArtScapers.

Word Duets

‘Takeover hospital’ - playing with combining words and images and unusual word pairings.

Object Poems

Humour, drama and poetry collide.

Pocket Poems

‘The sea is blue, I wish it was glued onto me’ – a pocket poem by Archie.

X-Ray Visions

Amazing images emerged as the children thought about x-rays.

Blue Blood Spider

A blue blood spider that heals by Ben.

Nurse ‘Medicine’

Nurse of the future by Aleena.

Poetry and Medicine

‘Poetry calms you down…makes you feel better’ – the children begin to play with words.

Meeting the Active Board

Members of the children and young people’s advisory board contribute to Taking Note.

Conkery and Gonga

Children from Girton Primary School join the ArtScapers community.

Injection Robots and Hovering Janitors

Brilliant ideas and questions are beginning to emerge after the children visited Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

This Doctor might have pizza in his beard

Addenbrooke’s Museum prompts new stories and questions.


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