Professional Development

Adults need time without children in the outdoors too. An opportunity to explore their own response to being in the outdoors and to reflect on their practice and interests. We are interested in working with educators, artists, writers, and anyone interested in bringing imagination and curiosity into their outdoor explorations and practice. 

CCI offers professional development opportunities in outside spaces around the county. We also run workshops conferences and seminars drawing links between our work with children and contact where possible to the landscape around the meeting space. We have worked together freely on sunny spring mornings but also been huddled under tarpaulins through thundery summer storms.

Thank you, it was calming, relaxing and at a slower pace. I haven’t been out in the woods in a long time.

It reminds me to always look beyond the classroom wall.

The creativeness of the children that can be developed through exploration will stick in my memory.

Feedback from workshops in 2014/15

Being in beautiful physical environments with a sense of slow time and expansive space really helps to clear the mind and focus conversation and thinking.  Our sessions are always shaped by the interests and questions of the group, and offer a balance of first-hand experience, free exploration, discussion, planning, presentations and resources.

I was surprised that I could work so easily with other people to be creative when I didn't feel creative.

I wonder why I don't do more of this at school.

I was struck by how the outside language used (by the children) is so different from inside.

I was surprised that children used complex text.

Feedback from Cambridgeshire County Council Forest School Conference, 2015

CCI have an ongoing relationship with Spinney Wild Woods. Read more about our Professional development work with educators in these woods here

In 2013/14 we facilitated a series of ‘wild exchanges’ for educators linked to three particular outdoor spaces in the county supported by Cambridgeshire Early Years Service.These have all been sites where we were commissioned to work with a nearby early years setting to establish or develop their outdoor projects (Bramblefields, Lattersey and Hinchingbrooke). We supported the ongoing work of the educators in their own settings and also met together as a group of educators and practitioners linked to these projects and spaces once a term, without children, to share experiences, develop practice, and continue exploring ways to meet the wild and connect the classroom.  


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