ArtScapers: being and becoming creative - Special Cambridge Festival 2021 Price

  • ArtScapers Being and Becoming Creative


ArtScapers: being and becoming creative is written by Paula Ayliffe (Co-Headteacher of Mayfield Primary School), Esther Sayers (Goldsmiths University), Ruth Sapsed (CCI) and David Whitley (Fellow of Homerton College) with a foreword by writer and environmental campaigner Rob Hopkins. A richly illustrated A4 48pp book, it presents a story of CCI’s work with Mayfield Primary School since 2016 and is offered as an invitation to imagine a world in which learning opportunities are so irresistible that everyone wants to join and schools are firmly rooted in their neighbourhoods.

An inspiring story, beautifully told –– of how children are wondernauts; of how art and making can change minds and lift hearts; of how using the outdoors as a classroom can transform learning, and bring joy and hope. It's a chronicle of the ongoing, unfurling adventures of the imagination in one place, with one group, which ripples outwards in powerful ways.
Rob Macfarlane, writer and CCI Patron

Cost: £5.00 (inc Postage and Packing)