Tree Charter Day 2020

Celebrating Tree Charter Day 2020

The Forest of Imagination 2020 was created to mark the signing of the Tree Charter by Cambridge City Council. Artist Hilary Cox Condron successfully petitioned the Council to sign this in November 2020 and over that lockdown month we invited colleagues and friends across the city to create their own pop-up forest, displaying one of the original hangings in a space they loved and sharing with us stories of why they had chosen this spot.  These stories are bought together here and also inspired Kaddy Benyon’s new ‘found’ poem The Suspended Forest.

All 64 contributors were celebrated on this specially created poster for the day, displayed at the event and shared online.

On 6 November 2017, on the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest, the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People was launched. It pledges to:

Sustain landscapes rich in wildlife
Plant for the future
Celebrate the power of trees to inspire
Grow forests of opportunity and innovation
Protect irreplaceable trees and woods
Plan greener local landscapes
Recover health, hope and wellbeing with the help of trees
Make trees accessible to all
Combat the threats to our habitats
Strengthen our landscapes with trees.

More details of how to support this work here.