A listening adventure

A mindful soundscape
Flowing water by Krystal, 2022

It was lovely to let your mind go and wander...calming…relaxing.

Something else to focus on. It gave a feeling of euphoria and freedom…..….a drug-free trip.         

Staff of The Dialysis Unit, May 2022

This soundscape offers quiet contemplation of both an important local landscape - the chalk stream in Abbey ward in Cambridge - and a lesser known bodily landscape - the vagus nerve and where it travels in our bodies.

‘We will immerse into sounds from nature, music, and gentle movement, with an invitation to try out relaxed drawing. The intention is to enjoy, be comfortable, and engage as feels comfortable and right to you.’

This soundscape is free to access and open to anyone looking for a moment of quiet distraction and creative nourishment. It is 30 minutes long and you will need headphones or a quiet place to sit and listen in your own home. The only other thing you might want is a pencil and some paper.  We invite people to add their thoughts or drawings to this online noticeboard.

I am fast and slow

I am so glad that I am here

I am glad of myself

I am always here.

Amelia (7), Galfrid School, writing about the Chalk Stream behind her school

Made by artist Filipa Pereira-Stubbs for patients and staff at The Cambridge Dialysis Centre, part of NHS Cambridge University Hospitals and based off Ditton Walk in Abbey ward.

Details of other events in Chalk Dreams, a public art project funded by Cambridge City Council, and more information here.

With thanks to the children of Galfrid School and artists Sally Todd and Hilary Cox Condron for their support.